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3D print

3D printing – or also three dimensional printing – is a modern method of transforming a virtual 3D model into a physical object. It is a partial method belonging to rapid prototyping.

The models are manufactured from solid, durable and non-toxic ABS plastic. The modelling process comprises a single step – construction of the model starts immediately after sending of a print request and the model is ready for further use immediately after completion of construction. Excellent properties of the modelling material make it possible to utilize the models directly as functional prototypes.

Modelling material for 3D printing


55d59d6becf3f-dimensionsst1200es3dprinter.jpgWhen constructing a model, our 3D printer utilizes the FDM technology (Fused Deposition Modelling) – gradual application of melted material in very thin layers and it uses only as much modelling material for construction of a model as is necessary for its construction.

Nowadays, 3D Print technology is the most effective way of manufacturing prototypes, models, lasts etc. Thanks to its speed, 3D print is also affordable for presentation of products, single-piece or small-batch production etc.

Our 3D printer Dimension SST (Soluble Support Technology) has been designed for fast manufacturing of solid prototype models. This technology makes it possible to produce models of very complicated shapes, or manufacture directly whole assemblies. It takes only a few hours to manufacture a model, the production of which would take several days when using the traditional manufacturing method. Parts manufactured by utilizing this technology are suitable as master models for manufacturing of moulds or as final parts.


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